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2012 Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan Interim Draft


Available below for download and review are interim working draft versions of OCWP reports that will be included in the final 2012 OCWP Update. Reports remain in development and may be updated to reflect new and/or more accurate information.

OCWP Executive Report
1. Introduction
2. Water Resources Planning in Oklahoma
3. Water Management in Oklahoma
4. Statewide Summary
5. Statewide Water Assessment
6. Regional & Statewide Opportunities & Solutions
7. Water Policy Recommendations & Implementation

Watershed Planning Region Reports
West Central
Upper Arkansas
Middle Arkansas
Lower Arkansas
Lower Washita

OCWP Study Workgroup & Supplemental Reports
Water Policy & Related Recommendations for Oklahoma
Climate Issues & Recommendations
Agricultural Water Issues & Recommendations
Water Quality Issues & Recommendations
Instream Flow Issues & Recommendations
Tribal Water Issues & Recommendations
Infrastructure Financing Needs & Opportunities
Marginal Quality Water Workgroup Recommendations
Artificial Aquifer Recharge Workgroup Recommendations
Reservoir Viability Study Report
Water Transfer & Conveyance Study Report


OCWP regions

Numerous executive, technical, workgroup, and supplemental reports are being prepared for inclusion in the final 2012 OCWP Update, which will be considered in its entirety by the nine-member Water Board in October 2011. This work represents the collective contributions of numerous citizens and experts from state and federal agencies, academia, and organizations who have spent almost five years researching and developing implementable recommendations to address Oklahoma's current and future water issues.

Interim drafts of Watershed Planning Region reports have been presented at Feedback and Implementation Meetings, held throughout the state in April and May 2011. Final technical reports, policy recommendations and other OCWP documents will be adjusted to reflect relevant comments and additional input prior to preliminary review of the final draft 2012 OCWP Update by the Water Board at its August meeting.

OCWP Executive Report

The final 2012 OCWP Update Executive Report will serve as a concise compilation of technical and policy information produced over the five-year planning period. In addition to background information on water planning and management in Oklahoma, the Executive Report will include a statewide assessment of water supplies, future projections of demand, and potential options to alleviate anticipated deficits of particular concern. The report's Water Policy Recommendations section will present, for formal legislative consideration, dozens of suggested measures to address Oklahoma's key water problems and issues.

Watershed Planning Region Reports

Thirteen regional planning reports, including 82 basin/watershed reports, provide the major technical component of the 2012 OCWP Update. Each Watershed Planning Region Report presents information from both a regional and local perspective, including water supply/demand analysis results, forecasted water supply shortages, potential supply solutions and alternatives, and supporting technical information.

OCWP Study Workgroup & Supplemental Reports

Additional information gained during the development of the 2012 OCWP Update is provided in various technical background reports providing more detailed assessments of water availability and demand, including study methodologies, conducted by the OWRB's lead engineering partners. In addition, state and federal agencies, organizations, special interest groups, and citizens lent their expertise in investigating and providing recommendations to deal with numerous policy and technial issues of special importance.

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