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Regional Water Planning

Beaver-Cache Water Summit

OCWP Overview Brochure

OCWP Executive Report

OCWP Watershed Planning Region Reports
Version 1.1, February 2013
Lower Arkansas
Lower Washita
Middle Arkansas
Upper Arkansas
West Central

OCWP Water Demand Projections (fact sheet)
2007 water demands 2007 Statewide Demand
2007 water demands
2060 Projected Statewide Demand

OCWP Map Viewer

Technical Studies
Approach for Statewide Reservoir Yield Analysis
Artificial Aquifer Recharge Issues & Recommendations
Climate [Change] Impacts to Streamflow
Conjunctive Water Management in Oklahoma and Other States
Conservation & Climate Change (Water Demand Addendum)
Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Assessment by Region
Incorporating Climate Change into Water Supply Planning and Yield Studies
Instream Flows in Oklahoma and the West
Marginal Quality Water Issues & Recommendations
Physical Water Supply Availability Report
Programmatic Workplan
Provider Survey Summary Report
Reservoir Viability Study
River Basin Water Allocation Modeling Report
Wastewater Infrastructure Needs Assessment by Region
Water Conveyance Study
Water Demand Forecast Report
Water Supply Hot Spot Report
Water Supply Permit Availability Report

OCWP Workgroup and Supplemental Reports
Agricultural Water Issues & Recommendations
Climate Issues & Recommendations
Financial Assessment of the OCWP: Drinking Water Infrastructure (FirstSouthwest)
Financial Assessment of the OCWP: Wastewater Infrastructure (FirstSouthwest)
Floodplain Management Issues & Recommendations
Instream Flow Issues & Recommendations
Oklahoma Statewide Water Quality Trends Analysis
Tribal Water Issues & Recommendations
Water Policy & Related Recommendations for Oklahoma
Water Quality Issues & Recommendations

A summit of the Sustainable Water Sources Workgroup was held on May 18, 2016, in Lawton, titled "Ensuring Sustainable Water Sources in the Beaver-Cache Region." The goals of the summit included establishing the value of cooperative planning and shared resources, providing potential solutions, meeting neighbors with common issues, and growing the Sustainable Water Sources Workgroup.



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