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The rules of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board are contained in Title 785 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code, maintained by the following office:

Secretary of State Office of Administrative Rules
2401 North Lincoln Boulevard, Room 220, Will Rogers Building
P.O. Box 53390
Oklahoma City, OK, 73152-3390
(405) 521-4911

To access the chapters listed below, visit the Online Oklahoma Administrative Code and select Title 785.

  • Chapter 1: Organization and Procedures
  • Chapter 4: Rules of Practice and Hearings
  • Chapter 5: Fees
  • Chapter 10: Special Purpose Districts
  • Chapter 11: Acquisition Of Assets And Control On Rural Water Districts And Corporations
  • Chapter 15: Weather Modification
  • Chapter 20: Appropriation and Use of Stream Water
  • Chapter 25: Dams and Reservoirs
  • Chapter 30: Taking and Use of Groundwater
  • Chapter 32: Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Chapter 35: Well Driller and Pump Installer Licensing
  • Chapter 45: Oklahoma's Water Quality Standards
  • Chapter 46: Implementation of Oklahoma's Water Quality Standards
  • Chapter 50: Financial Assistance
  • Chapter 55: Development on State Owned or Operated Property Within Floodplains and Flooplain Administrator Accreditation

2023 Proposed Amendments

2022 Proposed Amendments

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