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Monitoring & Assessment

OWRB monitoring staff are engaged in a variety of activities to ensure the best data are available to assist decision makers in managing, protecting, and improving Oklahoma’s water resources. This includes administration of Oklahoma's Beneficial Use Monitoring Program (BUMP), the state's first truly comprehensive water quality monitoring effort. Data provided by the program help identify waters experiencing impairments as well as the cause of declining water quality. Annual reports are produced by the OWRB detailing physical, chemical, and biological information from the state's lakes, streams, and groundwater. The program is instrumental for the development and refinement of Oklahoma's Water Quality Standards. OWRB monitoring staff also conduct statistical survey monitoring and other more targeted monitoring activities throughout the state, as well as lake restoration activities and bathymetric mapping.

Water Quality Portal

The Water Quality Portal is a cooperative service sponsored by the US Geological Survey, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. It serves data collected by over 400 state, federal, tribal, and local agencies. The OWRB contributes water quality monitoring data collected from lakes, streams, and groundwater through our statewide programs and federal projects. The OWRB has monitored water quality, including chemical and biological data, through Oklahoma's BUMP for over 20 years and through the Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment Program (GMAP) for 7 years. This wealth of data can be found in the Water Quality Portal and associated analyses can be found in the annual BUMP reports on our lakes, streams, and groundwater pages.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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