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From the Planning Director

Dear Utility Provider, - - Take the Infrastructure Needs Survey!

- The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) needs your help to ensure we can fund as many water infrastructure projects as possible in the upcoming years. We’ve teamed with Freese and Nichols, Inc. to complete the Water Supply and Infrastructure Needs Survey (WSINS) to identify water infrastructure needs for the 2025 Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (OCWP).

This survey will be used as part of the OCWP to highlight the needs of your systems and others like it to the state legislature and other decision-makers across the state. Please note that this survey will NOT be used for regulatory purposes. Complete the online survey and submit your system’s water infrastructure needs and documentation by clicking below:

Take the Infrastructure Needs Survey!

- The Clean Water Needs Survey window has closed and our OCWP team will be compiling that data by basin with current and projected water-use data, water and permit availability, alternative sources and much more to develop water management strategies and solutions for common problems. Much more to come...

So many activities are happening right now with the 2025 Water Plan! To date, much of the work has been behind the scenes. However, this fall, as we gather more data, refine our model, and identify the most pressing water challenges of the day, we will begin to pivot into several distinct efforts outlined in the OCWP Work Plan.

First, if you are responsible for water treatment infrastructure in your community, take the OCWP Water Infrastructure Needs Survey now!

The 2025 OCWP

The following summary should give readers a good sense of 2025 OCWP activities underway and how we envision the months to come. For the purposes of this newsletter, I'll describe the current OCWP activities in three broad categories.

The Big Picture

1.) Data and Modeling
While data collection and refinement will continue through 2025 (and beyond), by early next year our team expects to have all of these analyses at a point where we can run draft supply and demand scenarios for each of the 82 Basins across the state.

2.) Infrastructure Needs Surveys
The Wastewater Needs Survey went live on August 16! The Drinking Water Needs Survey, funded separately, will be distributed this fall. I strongly encourage you to participate, to help define our water needs in support of additional funding and financing programs!

3.) Engagement
Workgroups have begun meeting. These workgroups are tackling some of the most pressing challenges in water today, like water reuse, workforce retention/development, source water protection, and agriculture irrigation longevity.

+ Learn More!

- Water Reuse Action Plan - Current Water Reuse Activities

+ 2025 OCWP Programmatic Work Plan completed

+ 2021 Governor's Water Conference Videos by Speaker Online

+ 2021 Water for 2060 Excellence Awards

Section Roles & Responsibilities

The Water Planning section of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board is responsible for coordinating decadal updates of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (OCWP) and subsequently managing initiatives, studies, and projects that were recommended by the most recent update of the Water Plan (2012 OCWP).

The OWRB Planning Team strives to shed light on Oklahoma's most critical water issues and provide the resources you need to make informed decisions.

* Region and Basin data
* Statewide data
* Supplemental Studies

Past examples would include the statewide Water for 2060 initiative, the Produced Water Working Group with associated reports and studies, and the Instream Flow Advisory Group with resulting studies.

Staff are currently gathering data to build the statewide supply and demand database for the 2025 Update of the OCWP. With modeled projections, the database will serve as the point of reference during the 2025 OCWP Process. With assistance from OCWP and USACE engineering contractors, partner organizations, agencies, tribes, and universities, the infrastructure needs survey will soon be distributed and expert input will be gathered from private and public sectors on a variety of topics (TBD).

OWRB Planning through the OCWP process provides a snapshot of the current water position of the state.

With updated geospatial values to the basin scale on:

  • Current supply and 50-year projected demands,
  • Projected surface water gaps and groundwater depletions,
  • Projected estimates of infrastructure needs, and
  • Local input from water experts in every sector on the most pressing current issues

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