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OASIS Oklahoma Advantages Assessment & Scoring for Infrastructure Solutions
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OK Advantages Assessment & Scoring for Infrastructure Solutions

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Our intent is to help communities quantify the environmental, social, and economic benefits of their wastewater infrastructure investment.

The resulting Output Statements assist community leaders to consider multiple options using the latest technologies to better plan for a system's short and long-term goals. The Statement also gives them the data necessary to express the advantages of using these options to their constituents.



Wastewater Supply Planning Guide
Wastewater Planning Guides are in!

The OWRB has prepared the Wastewater Planning Guide to assist public systems in developing plans to meet their specific wastewater needs; how to budget for short, medium, and long-range projects; tracking changes to your system; tracking short-lived assets and their replacement; and much more. The Guide works well as a template for the Fiscal Sustainability Plan (FSP) necessary for some projects in the CWSRF program. Downloadable E-versions of the guides and supplemented with fillable/clickable forms are available at www.owrb.ok.gov/guides.

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Water Loss Auditing for Free!

The ODEQ is piloting a water loss auditing program. The goal of the program is to help communities with less than 10,000 consumers find and correct sources of non-revenue and unaccounted-for water. Agency personnel will work with volunteer water systems to assess production and metering efficiency, to determine the most cost-effective corrective actions, and to minimize losses. The purpose of the pilot project is to provide technical assistance to water systems to increase the efficient use of water and revenue to enhance sustainability. Information is not being gathered for enforcement purposes. For more information or to express interest in participating in the water audit program contact Brandon Bowman 405.702.8270.

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More Financing Opportunities!

The Oklahoma Funding Agency Coordinating Team (FACT) is a group of federal and state organizations that offer financing to eligible Oklahoma public entities for water and wastewater projects. The purpose of the team is to facilitate the funding process through communication and streamlined application processes. Several documents have been created by FACT members to provide water and wastewater applicants a single, uniform method for requesting funding and regulatory approvals. These documents can be found on the OWRB website at www.owrb.ok.gov/fact.
FACT is hosted by the Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA). FACT meets quarterly to discuss the status of Oklahoma community water supplies identified in DEQ’s enforcement list. Invitations are extended to water systems from across the state that are contending with the most urgent problems and have the greatest financial need, with the purpose of providing help to them as quickly and effectively as possible.

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The Cheapest Source of Water is Conservation!

When thinking about alternatives, consider the Water for 2060 goals and the simple fact that the cheapest source of water is conservation! Water reuse, for example, isn’t meant to be a buzz-word; in some situations it can be a very real water, cost, and energy- saving alternative that can replace potable with non-potable sources. Instead of sending effluent down the creek, sell it to a local industry for washdown or irrigation. OWRB's Wastewater Guide includes examples of green infrastructure, water efficiency, energy efficiency, and environmentally innovative projects as well as a full set of considerations when thinking about options for your next facility.


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