Viewing Geographic Information System (GIS) Data

The OWRB produces and maintains many GIS datasets relating to water resources in Oklahoma. In an effort to make our data more transparent and accessible to the public, we are now publishing data using ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Services, ArcGIS Explorer Online Launch Map Viewer, Shapefile format Shapefile Download, geodatabases Geodatabase Download, and Google’s KMZ format Map PDF.

Each dataset contains metadata documentation Metadata describing what the dataset represents and its usage limitations. Please read the metadata before downloading or using the datasets. Below is a list of free GIS software products that can be used to view GIS datasets.

The OWRB does not endorse or provide any service with these software products.

ArcGIS Server Services:

OWRB REST Services

Web Based Viewers:

OWRB Interactive Map Gallery

ArcGIS Online (Click "Modify Map" > "Add" > "Search for Layers" > Find: "OWRB")

Desktop Viewers:

ArcGIS Explorer

Google Earth