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Emergency Drought Grants

The application period for this grant opportunity is currently closed.

When Oklahoma is suffering from drought conditions and the governor subsequently declares a formal state drought emergency, the OWRB can offer limited grant assistance to alleviate related community impacts.

On July 30, 2012 Governor Fallin declared a “State of Emergency Due to Drought.”  As a result, the OWRB responded by making a total of $300,000 available to fund community drought projects.

Applications for such funding may be submitted by eligible entities as defined by law, including but not limited to counties, municipalities and rural water districts. Applicants for drought relief funding shall provide at least fifteen percent (15%) match funding. Additional consideration shall be given to projects that will benefit the most people for the least amount of funds. Priorities will be given for project purposes in the following order:

  1. Human consumption, including but not limited to projects for public water supply and domestic use by extending public water supply intake structures into reservoir areas to reach water, acquiring tanks, tankers, temporary lines, pumps and appurtenant equipment by purchase or lease, or providing funding for eligible entities to acquire the same to transport water;
  2. Agriculture and farm supply, including but not limited to projects to provide water for domestic farm animals by pasture taps from public water supply sources and for construction of public water loading structures;
  3. Projects to increase storage capacity in reservoirs, farm ponds and gully plugs from applications submitted by Boards of County Commissioners; and
  4. Fire protection.

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