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2019 Regional PMP Study

This study provides current Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) data, which must be used in the design of a spillway for any dam in Oklahoma.

2019 Regional PMP Study Report Report Appendices Report Appendix F PMP Data Download Tool Download Regional Study Maps and Data

Program Contacts

Zachary Hollandsworth, Engineering Manager

Engineering & Planning Division
Oklahoma Water Resources Board
3800 North Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Phone 405-530-8800
Fax 405-530-8900

The OWRB coordinates the Oklahoma Dam Safety Program to ensure the safety of more than 4,700 dams in the state. The Program requires inspections for all jurisdictional size dams based on the presence of downstream development.

Hazard-Potential Classification Risk Involved
with Dam Failure
Inspection Frequency


probable loss of human life

annually, by a registered professional engineer


no probable loss of human life but can cause economic loss or disruption of lifeline facilities

every three years by a registered professional engineer


no probable loss of human life and low economic loss

every five years

In addition, owners of high hazard dams are required to have an emergency action plan (EAP) in place. Copies of the EAP must be submitted to local law enforcement agencies and emergency management officials. OWRB staff require submittal and subsequent approval of plans and specifications prior to all new dam construction and modifications to existing dams.

Free Low Hazard Dam Inspections

Registration is now open for free low hazard-potential dam inspections. The OWRB's free low hazard dam inspection offer includes an on-site inspection, full inspection report, and a breach inundation map. Dam owners benefit from this program because state law requires them to complete a dam inspection every five years. Dam owners can also take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the inspection and maintenance techniques in order to prolong the life of their dam and manage their liabilities as dam owners. Contact Emma Moradi at (405) 530-8800 or emma.moradi@owrb.ok.gov for more information.

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3800 North Classen Boulevard, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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