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Mission & Responsibilities

The mission of the OWRB is to protect and enhance the quality of life for Oklahomans by managing and improving the state's water resources to ensure clean and reliable water supplies, a strong economy, and a safe and healthy environment.

Our primary duties and responsibilities include water use appropriation and permitting, water quality monitoring and standards, financial assistance for water/wastewater systems, dam safety, floodplain management, water supply planning, technical studies and research, and water resource mapping.

Julie Cunningham
Executive Director

Julie Cunningham has served the Oklahoma Water Resources Board for more than 25 years in technical, policy, and executive capacities in all divisions. As director, Ms. Cunningham leads the agency in accomplishing its complex mission of planning for and managing the state's water resources and administering multi-billion dollar infrastructure financing programs to foster water supply reliability and economic and environmental resiliency. Director Cunningham is immediate past president of the Association of Western State Engineers and Interstate Council on Water Policy and is commissioner on four interstate river compacts. She is an Oklahoma City native, an OSU alumnus, and is passionate about transforming the water industry and state policies and services to promote innovation, efficiency, and opportunity for Oklahomans.

Administrative Services Division

Financial Assistance Division

Planning & Management Division

Water Quality Programs Division

Strategic Plan

The OWRB Strategic Plan is a dynamic, "living" document that not only provides direction for the agency, but demonstrates the substantial commitment and dedication of agency staff in providing safe and dependable water supplies for all Oklahomans, both today and in the future.

Government Transparency Act of 2019 Reports

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board shall publish, in this location and on the documents.ok.gov website, a report regarding all applicable Memorandum of Understanding or Memorandum Agreements entered into after November 1, 2019, pursuant to 74 O.S. Section 3122.

Commitment to Research

The OWRB actively engages in research regarding Oklahoma's water resources. The OWRB's monitoring program has a long established history of quantitative data collection from many of Oklahoma's rivers and lakes. This information is utilized to develop Oklahoma's water quality standards. Groundwater research is also conducted by the OWRB to obtain both quality and quantity data to classify the state's aquifers and determine the amount of water available for appropriation. Other state governmental organizations rely on OWRB data to regulate and aid industries and municipalities in Oklahoma.

Comments or Site Problems

If you have any questions or comments regarding OWRB activities or programs, including problems with this website, please contact the OWRB. For complaints, visit the Citizen Complaints page.


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