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From the Planning Director

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Section Roles & Responsibilities

The Water Planning section of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board is responsible for coordinating decadal updates of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (OCWP) and subsequently managing initiatives, studies, and projects that were recommended by the most recent update of the Water Plan (2012 OCWP).

The OWRB Planning Team strives to shed light on Oklahoma's most critical water issues and provide the resources you need to make informed decisions.

* Region and Basin data
* Statewide data
* Supplemental Studies

Past examples would include the statewide Water for 2060 initiative, the Produced Water Working Group with associated reports and studies, and the Instream Flow Advisory Group with resulting studies.

Staff are currently gathering data to build the statewide supply and demand database for the 2025 Update of the OCWP. With modeled projections, the database will serve as the point of reference during the 2025 OCWP Process. With assistance from OCWP and USACE engineering contractors, partner organizations, agencies, tribes, and universities, the infrastructure needs survey will soon be distributed and expert input will be gathered from private and public sectors on a variety of topics (TBD).

OWRB Planning through the OCWP process provides a snapshot of the current water position of the state.

With updated geospatial values to the basin scale on:

  • Current supply and 50-year projected demands,
  • Projected surface water gaps and groundwater depletions,
  • Projected estimates of infrastructure needs, and
  • Local input from water experts in every sector on the most pressing current issues

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