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Funding Agency Coordinating Team

The Funding Agency Coordinating Team (FACT) is a group of federal and state organizations that offer financing to eligible Oklahoma public entities for water and wastewater projects. The purpose of the team is to facilitate the funding process through communication and streamlined application processes.

FACT is hosted by the Oklahoma Rural Water Association (ORWA). FACT meets quarterly to discuss the status of Oklahoma community water supplies identified in DEQ's enforcement list. Invitations are extended to water systems from across the state that are contending with the most urgent problems and have the greatest financial need, with the purpose of providing help to them as quickly and effectively as possible.

With every public financing agency present at FACT, communication barriers are reduced and application processes are streamlined, resulting in rapid assistance. FACT provides a single uniform method for requesting funding and regulatory approvals, and it offers guides, checklists, and forms that are accepted by all FACT-participating agencies.

The assistance provided by FACT has been universally praised by invited water systems, which provide feedback by voluntarily completing a brief survey immediately following the FACT meeting and a follow-up survey a few months later. Survey responses are used to fine-tune the assistance provided by FACT and help plan the direction of subsequent FACT meetings.

Loan & Grant Resource Guide

The Loan and Grant Resource Guide provides an overview of funding assistance from a group of federal and state organizations. Financial program detail and contact information is included.

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