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Pending Applications

As required by Oklahoma statutes, all long-term permits to appropriate water go through a thorough review process that includes a public notification of the application in a newspaper of general circulation. The Oklahoma Water Resources Board informs the permit applicant that it is time to publish the notice, but does not control the exact dates of publication or the exact newspaper utilized by the Applicant. Permit applications are not approved or denied until all phases of the publication process are complete.

The permit applications listed below are currently in the publication phase of permitting. This list does not serve as an official notice for any application, nor does it constitute approval or denial of any permit.

A copy of the proposed permit application is available for public review as disclosed in the publication notice. If you have any questions regarding the information provided, please call (405) 530-8800 or e-mail Mary Nell Brueggen.

 Permit Type Number Entity Name County Uses Amount Protest
 Groundwater 20180602 Kathy Coons Dewey Irrigation
Oil & Gas
650 ac-ft 2/18/19
 Surface Water 20180092 Enerstream Water Solutions LLC Kingfisher Oil & Gas 613.3 ac-ft 3/11/19
 Groundwater 20180563 L&E Farms Inc Dewey Irrigation
Oil & Gas
420 ac-ft 3/11/19
 Groundwater 20180611 Bluefin Water Solutions LLC Grady Oil & Gas 395.4 ac-ft 3/11/19
 Groundwater 20180617 Tori Michelle Baker Dewey Irrigation 320 ac-ft 3/11/19
 Groundwater 20180620 D&B Oilfield Services Inc Major Agriculture
Oil & Gas
12 ac-ft 3/11/19
 Surface Water 20180094 Rex Sparkman McClain Irrigation
Oil & Gas
861.5 ac-ft 3/19/19
 Groundwater 20180525 Rex Sparkman McClain Irrigation
Oil & Gas
153 ac-ft 3/19/19

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