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technical studies

Accurate technical and scientific information is required to make sound planning and management decisions concerning the state's water resources. The OWRB has developed statewide monitoring programs focused on the collection of water quality and quantity data. In addition, OWRB staff conduct and update studies of surface water and groundwater for purposes of water rights allocation, and conduct lake diagnostic and watershed studies that are generally focused on water quality issues. The scope of these studies has broadened to address pertinent water management issues, such as groundwater-surface water interaction, impacts of water withdrawal on water quality, maintaining instream flow, drought management, basin and watershed characterization, water supply, and local water and associated economic needs.

Groundwater Studies

  • Hydrologic Investigations
  • Groundwater Allocation
  • Current Studies
  • Monitoring Sites
Surface Water Studies

Lakes and Special Studies

  • Lake Diagnostics/Watershed Modeling
    • What is Cultural Eutrophication?
  • Lake Restoration Activities
  • Bathymetric Mapping

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