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Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan


OWRB Groundwater Monitoring Sites & Data

A major task associated with OWRB hydrologic studies is to characterize groundwater flow and response of each aquifer. This is accomplished by installing water-level recording devices (recorders) in unused groundwater wells. For each study, OWRB staff install about a dozen recorders throughout the aquifer/study area. The agency currently maintains 41 such sites.

In 2004, the OWRB initiated a partnership with the Oklahoma Climatological Survey (OCS) involving the installation of real-time groundwater observation wells at the Acme and El Reno Mesonet sites. Since then, the OWRB has installed observation wells at additional Mesonet sites in an effort to expand the network. Provisional real-time data from the Mesonet sites are available through the Mesonet website.

Continuous groundwater recorder sites are maintained by OWRB staff who visit each site at least every three months to download and quality control the data. Both current and historical water level data is available to view or download by selecting the individual number for each site in the table below. Data accessed directly from the Mesonet website is considered provisional.

Aquifers with Continuous OWRB Groundwater Level Recorder Sites

Site Number/Data
Period of Record
8/31/2004 to 8/27/2008
11/8/2004 to 7/31/2007
6/24/2004 to 11/7/2008
6/12/2004 to 9/22/2005
6/10/2004 to present
11/8/2004 to 7/26/2006
11/9/2004 to 11/7/2008
6/16/2004 to present
6/16/2004 to 3/5/2009
9/1/2004 to 11/7/2008
9/2/2005 to 11/7/2008
10/14/2005 to 11/10/2011
10/21/2005 to 8/16/2006
6/15/2005 to 8/23/2006
10/21/2005 to 8/1/2006
1/5/2006 to Present
Mesonet Data (Fittstown)
El Reno Minor
Site Number
Period of Record
5/27/2004 to present
Mesonet Data (El Reno)
Enid Isolated Terrace
Site Number
Period of Record
12/12/2013 to present
1/29/14 to present
1/29/14 to present
1/29/14 to present
Site Number/Data
Period of Record
12/14/2009 to present
1/26/2011 to 1/18/2012
1/26/2011 to 1/18/2012
1/26/2011 to 1/18/2012
8/25/2008 to 6/03/2009
8/29/2008 to present
12/10/2008 to present
3/11/2009 to 9/27/2011
4/1/2009 to 1/24/2012
3/11/2009 to present
Mesonet Data (Shawnee)
11/25/2009 to 4/25/2013
12/17/2009 to present
12/18/2009 to present
Mesonet Data (Spencer)
1/14/2010 to 12/8/2010
1/18/2012 to 4/24/13
6/2/2010 to 1/10/2012
Rush Springs
Site Number
Period of Record
2/3/2014 to present
Mesonet Data (Fort Cobb)
1/31/2014 to present
Mesonet Data (Weatherford)
3/27/2012 to present
6/3/2004 to present
3/27/2012 to present
4/11/2012 to present
4/27/2012 to present
4/20/2012 to present
4/27/2012 to 7/20/2012
7/20/2012 to 1/31/14
7/20/2012 to present
5/16/2013 to present
5/16/2013 to present
Washita River Alluvial and Terrace
Site Number
Period of Record
11/19/2009 to present
Mesonet Data (Chickasha)

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