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Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

Across Oklahoma, OWRB staff conduct stream, lake, and groundwater monitoring to collect water quality and quantity data for a variety of purposes. Through the Beneficial Use Monitoring Program (BUMP), lake sampling is conducted quarterly at approximately 130 lakes on a five-year rotation schedule. Stream sampling occurs on more than 100 river and stream sites annually. Groundwater sampling through the Groundwater Monitoring and Assessment Program (GMAP) is conducted on a network of approximately 750 wells on Oklahoma's 21 major aquifers (phased in by 2016 and sampled on a four-year rotation).

To supplement BUMP data, the OWRB conducts statistical survey monitoring throughout the state at sites selected randomly by computer. Stream sites are sampled throughout the state and lake sites are sampled at lakes greater than 50 and less than 500 surface acres. A physical habitat assessment is made at each site, water chemistry is analyzed, and samples of algae, bacteria, macroinvertebrates, and fish are collected.

Since 2001, the OWRB has been conducting groundwater monitoring for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) as part of its oversight of Licensed Managed Feeding Operations (LMFOs). OWRB staff collect groundwater samples from select LMFO monitoring wells and submit them to the ODAFF’s laboratory for analysis of potential contamination of groundwater, signaled through high nitrate-nitrogen concentrations, high ammonium-nitrogen concentrations, or sample analyses containing three or more fecal coliform colonies. Quarterly and annual reports of findings are submitted by OWRB staff.

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