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Monitoring water quality at hundreds of lake and stream sites and overseeing Oklahoma’s first comprehensive groundwater quality and quantity monitoring program.

Developing and establishing standards to ensure water quality protection across the state.

Curbing pollution of Oklahoma's lakes, rivers, and streams and restoring their water quality benefits.

Water Quality Standards

  • About the Program
    • Beneficial Uses
    • Antidegradation
    • Criteria
    • Explicit Surface Water & Groundwater Protection
  • Implementation Rules
  • Standards Revisions
  • Scenic Rivers Criteria


  • Interactive Water Quality Viewer
  • Beneficial Use Monitoring Program (BUMP) & Reports
    • Lake Data by Site
    • Stream Data by Site
    • Groundwater Data by Aquifer
  • Statistical Survey Monitoring
  • Licensed Managed Feeding Operations (LMFO) Monitoring
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Lakes and Special Studies

  • Lake Diagnostics/Watershed Modeling
    • What is Cultural Eutrophication?
  • Lake Restoration Activities
  • Bathymetric Mapping


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