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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

County: McIntosh
Stream: Canadian River
Purpose: FC, WS, HP, N*
Shoreline: 835 miles
Normal Area: 105,500 acres
Normal Pool Elevation: 585 ft
Normal Pool Capacity: 2,314,600 ac-ft
Flood Pool Elevation: 597 ft
Flood Pool Area: 143,000 acres
Flood Pool Capacity: 3,825,400 ac-ft
Water Supply Storage: 56,000 ac-ft
Water Supply Yield: 56,000 ac-ft

*Reservoir Purposes: FC=Flood Control, WS=Water Supply, R=Recreation, FW=Fish and Wildlife, WQ=Water Quality, CW=Cooling Water, LF=Low Flow Regulation, N=Navigation, IR=Irrigation, C=Conservation, HP=Hydroelectric Power.

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