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Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan


Basic Water Science Seminar

Water Law Seminar

On May 14-15, 2009, the OWRB hosted a Basic Oklahoma Water Science Seminar for regional planning participants in the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan policy development (public input) process.


Basic Hydrology [pdf]
Dr. Gary Fox, OSU

Water Quality & Groundwater Data Collection [pdf]
Derek Smithee, OWRB

Surface Water Data Collection [pdf]
Dr. Kim Winton, USGS

The Role of Research [pdf]
Dr. Baxter Vieux, OU

Water Resources & Determining Water Quality [pdf]
Bob Fabian, OWRB

Climate Change and Water Planning [pdf]
Ken Crawford, OK Climatological Survey

Climate Change and Water Planning [pdf]
Barney Austin, Texas Water Development Board

Water Quality Standards [pdf]
Derek Smithee, OWRB

Watershed Management [pdf]
Dr. Mike Smolen, OSU

Water: A Commodity & a Resource [pdf]
Dr. Damian Adams, OSU

The Arbuckle-Simpson Story [pdf]
Noel Osborn, OWRB

Introduction to the OCWP Programmatic Workplan
Water Supply & Demand in Oklahoma [pdf}

Camp Dresser McKee (CDM)

Enhanced Water Management Through Technology: Water Allocation Modeling [pdf]
Ben Harding, AMEC Earth & Environmental
Mike Sughru, OWRB

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