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Below are links to informational PowerPoint presentations and related documents offered by OWRB staff and the Executive Director at various state and national water meetings.

Governor's Water Conference presentations are available here.

General Size
Water for 2060... and Beyond (April 1, 2014; Corps of Engineers SW Division Senior Leader's Conference; Derek Smithee, Water Quality Programs Division Chief)
7 MB
OCWP Implementation: Year 1 Review (June 18, 2013; OWRB Monthly Meeting; J.D. Strong, OWRB Executive Director)
8.6 MB
Water for 2060 and Beyond (May 10, 2013; Oklahoma Water Law CLE International 5th Annual Conference; J.D. Strong, OWRB Executive Director)
10 MB
Oklahoma: Defined by Diversity (November 2010; North American Lake Management Society 2010 Symposium; J.D. Strong, OWRB Executive Director)
11.4 MB
The Future of Oklahoma's Water Resources (February 4, 2004; Oklahoma Farmers Union Annual Convention)
5.6 MB
State of the State's Water (November 5, 2003; Governor's Water Conference)
5.6 MB
The Murrah Federal Building Bombing & the OWRB
1.2 MB
Financing Water and Sewer Infrastructure in Oklahoma - The State Financial Assistance Loan and Grant Program
2.3 MB
Water Plannning Size
Water Use in Oklahoma: Past, Present & Future (Water Plan Public Input Meeting; Beaver, Oklahoma; April 12, 2007)
7.9 MB
OWRRI Assistance In Development Of The State’s Water Plan (December 12, 2006 OWRB Meeting; Dr. Will Focht, OWRRI)
246 KB
A New Water Plan for Oklahoma (December 2006)
3.5 MB
What is Water Worth? Planning for Oklahoma's Water Future (August 2006; Duane Smith, OWRB Executive Director)
6.4 MB
State of the State's Water - 2005 Update of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan (October 9, 2002, Governor's Water Conference)
7.2 MB
Floodplain Management Workshops Size
Ch 1: National Floodplain Insurance Program (NFIP)
127 Kb
Ch 2: Floodplain Management 101
122 Kb
Ch 3 & 5: Local Floodplain Regulations and NFIP Standards
128 Kb
Ch 4: Floodplain Regulation Administration
207 Kb
Ch 6: Enforcement
9.8 MB
Water Rights/Water Management Size
Draft Tentative Determination of the Arbuckle-Simpson Maximum Annual Yield (Water Board Meeting; February 13, 2012)
4 MB
Update on Activities of the OWRB's Planning & Management Division (May 10, 2005; OWRB Meeting)
2.4 MB
Oklahoma GroundwaterLaw & Water Rights Administration (OWRB Board Meeting; December 9, 2008);
2.4 MB
Oklahoma Water Law (April 25, 2006; Governor's Conference on Agriculture & Economic Growth)
8.0 MB
Grand Lake: Balancing Water Use & Protection (August 12, 2003, OWRB Meeting)
3.8 MB
The Arkansas River Shiner, Impacts on Water Management (Western States Water Council ESA Workshop; Omaha, Nebraska; May 6, 2002)
3.1 MB
Oklahoma Water Law, The Water Use Permitting Process
3.0 MB
Water Quality Size
Phosphorus in Oklahoma's Scenic Rivers, Justification for 0.037 mg/L (Oklahoma State Legislature, House Environmental and Natural Resources Committee, April 23, 2002)
2.4 MB

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