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Floodplain Management Course Schedule

The OWRB offers the following resources to educate and train floodplain management professionals on effective floodplain management practices and requirements. Additionally, attending a workshop and or completing a on-line course will allow a community floodplain administrator to meet the state required accreditation. Sign up today! Space is limited.

Date Class Location
October 4, 2017 Floodplain Management 101
OFMA Advanced Course
Tahlequah Armory Municipal Center
Cherokee Nation HQ
January 10, 2018 Floodplain Management 101 Oklahoma City
Jan.29-Feb 2, 2018 L-273 (Certified Floodplain Manager) Oklahoma City
February 21, 2018 Permitting/Elevation Certificates
OFMA Advanced Course
McAlester, OK
March 7, 2018 Floodplain Management 101
OFMA Advanced Course
Clinton, OK
March 28, 2018 Floodplain Management 101
OFMA Advanced Course
Chickasha, OK
April 17, 2018 OFMA Advanced Course Langley, OK
April 18, 2018 Substantial Damage Estimator Tool (FEMA) Oklahoma City
April 24, 2018 OFMA Advanced Course Edmond, OK
May 9, 2018 Understanding LOMCs w/Disaster Exercise
OFMA Advanced Course
Broken Arrow, OK
June 6, 2018 Intro to GIS for Floodplain Managers Oklahoma City
June 9-13, 2018 L-273 CFM Course/Exam Tulsa, OK (location tba)

Course Information

Contact Cathy Poage by email or at 580-256-1014 if you have questions or need help registering.

Course Descriptions

(All courses worth 6 CECs unless noted otherwise)

FEMA L-273 Managing Floodplain Development through the National Flood Insurance Program

This course is designed to provide an organized training opportunity for local officials responsible for administering their local floodplain management ordinance. The course focuses in-depth on the NFIP and concepts of floodplain management, maps and studies, ordinance administration, mitigation, flood insurance, BFE determination, elevation certificates, and the relationship between floodplain management and flood insurance. In order to become a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), participants must complete requirements 1-7 below, attend the L-273 course, and obtain a passing grade on the National CFM Exam.*

*Those wishing to take the National CFM Exam are required to attend this course; however, please note that attendance alone does not guarantee a passing grade. Visit the ASFPM's Exam Prep page for additional guidance.

Selection Criteria

Local officials responsible for administering local floodplain management ordinances, including but not limited to floodplain management administrators, building inspectors, code enforcement/zoning officers, planners, city/county managers, attorneys, engineers, surveyors, and public works officials. The course is designed for those officials with limited floodplain management experience.


Participants must complete the General Admissions Application and the following online training courses and tutorials. Requirements 1-5 below must be submitted by email to Cathy Poage no later than January 8, 2018, to be placed on the class roster.

  1. FEMA SSID Requirement
  2. FEMA General Admissions Application
  3. Independent Study IS-1103: Elevation Certificate for Surveyors (2 hours)
  4. Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) tutorial (30 minutes)
  5. Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) tutorial (40 minutes)

    If taking the National CFM Exam, requirements 6-7 must be emailed to Carolyn Schultz or mailed to Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association, Inc., P.O. Box 8101, Tulsa, OK 74101-8101.

  6. OFMA Membership Application ($50 Fee)
  7. OFMA CFM Exam Application ($50 Fee)

Incomplete applications and coursework may result in disenrollment from the L-273 course. For more information, please call Cathy Poage at (580)256-1014.

Course Length: 5 days
CECs: 12

Floodplain Management 101

This course covers the basics of floodplain management, including FPA duties and permitting. This is an excellent course for the beginning floodplain administrator (FPA) and community officials looking to better understand the role of the FPA. Information is available in our Guidebook. Participants may also refer to the following online tutorials:

The following courses go beyond the basics of floodplain management to strengthen the skills of floodplain managers and community officials:

Understanding LOMCs/Disaster Awareness Exercise

This advanced course covers the administration and implementation of a community’s floodplain management program with an emphasis on submitting a LOMA, LOMR, LOMR-F, CLOMR, and CLOMR-F. This workshop includes a flood disaster awareness exercise that looks at the responsibilities of a city, a town, and a county prior to, during, and after a flooding event.

Participants may also refer to the following online tutorials:

Introduction to Surveying

This advanced course covers basic survey skills, finished floor elevations, high water mark (HWM) elevations and application, gathering HWM data, understanding elevation certificates, and HAG & LAG elevations. Includes a half day in the field observing survey practices.

Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) Software Training

This advanced training is provided by FEMA. Their new tool is extremely helpful to FPAs in meeting the SD determination requirement after a flooding event. Student will be required to bring a laptop (not a tablet) for class instruction. Software will be provided.

Introduction to GIS for Floodplain Managers/BLE Viewer

This advanced course covers basic GIS mapping techniques & training for local communities; High Water Mark inundation mapping; FEMA's Base Level Engineering (BLE) watershed studies. Student will be required to bring a laptop (not a tablet) for class instruction. Software will be provided.

New! Permitting and Elevation Certificates

This intermediate course focuses on floodplain permitting activities and elevation certificates. Areas of focus will include basics of rivers and floods, understanding local ordinance, permitting (including non-traditional development), compliance issues, FIS/FIRM comprehension, and a Q&A session.

New! Outreach and Communication for FPAs

This course focuses on outreach techniques, tools and activities FPAs can use to effectively implement their community program as well as communicate NFIP value to constituents.

OFMA Advanced Workshops

The Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association (OFMA), at its own expense with Training Cadre Instructors, offer multiple Advanced Floodplain Management workshops. These workshops provide in-depth instruction on specific floodplain topics and are a follow-up on the FPM 101 workshop. Material covered in the workshop can be found on the OFMA Training website.

Note: Instructors often travel long distances to teach these subjects, so please follow through with your attendance. Much time and effort is spent organizing and administering workshops by OWRB staff. Our goal is to keep them free of charge to the floodplain community.

OFMA Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) Program

Applicants wishing to obtain the initial designation as a Certified Floodplain Manager, must meet the following eligibility requirements through the Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association:

  • Be an active member of OFMA;
  • Complete L-273 Managing Floodplain Development through the National Flood Insurance Program or other FEMA-accredited Floodplain Administrator training course;
  • Minimum education of High School diploma or GED;
  • Submit a completed application packet;
  • Pay an application fee; and
  • Obtain a passing score on the national certification examination.

Annual requirements for re-certification:

  • Continue OFMA membership;
  • Submit a “short form” application; and
  • Submit documentation of Continuing Education Credits (16 CECs in a 2 year period).

Online Courses

Certified Floodplain Managers may supplement their training and earn CECs with Independent Study online courses provided by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute. Please send your course completion certificates to Cathy Poage.

Workshop Locations

Broken Arrow Workshop Location
Central Park Community Center
1500 S. Main St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012

Clinton Workshop Location
Frisco Center
101 S. 4th St.
Clinton, OK 73601

Edmond Workshop Location
Oklahoma Employees Credit Union
15100 N. May Ave.
Edmond, OK 73013

Langley Workshop Location
GRDA Ecosystems and Education Center;
420 Hwy. 28
Langley, OK

McAlester Workshop Location
SE Expo Center
4500 W Hwy 270
McAlester, OK 74501

Oklahoma City Workshop Location
Oklahoma Water Resources Board
3800 N. Classen Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

Tahlequah Workshop Location
Cherokee Nation Headquarters
17725 S. Muskogee Ave.
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Chickasha Workshop Location
Canadian Valley Tech Ctr
1402 Michigan Ave.
Chickasha, OK 73018

Tulsa Workshop Location
Mohawk Water Treatment Facility
3600 Mohawk Road
Tulsa, OK 74115


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