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Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

Dam Safety Quarterly
Dam Safety Quarterly

Dam Safety

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Hydrology for Dam Safety Technical Seminar, Oklahoma City, April 21-23

low hazard dam inspections

The OWRB invites all interested engineers to this seminar that will provide an understanding of hydrologic analysis for dam safety studies. Participants will learn how to develop the probable maximum precipitation for a particular region as well as model-based predictions of the probable maximum flood. HEC-HMS will be used to demonstrate hydrologic principles and analysis techniques. View course details here.

Free Low Hazard Dam Inspections

The OWRB is offering a new program to provide free inspections of low hazard-potential dams. In addition to a complete inspection report, participating owners will receive a breach inundation map for their dam -- essential tools that can be used to both extend the life of dams and appurtenant infrastructure investments as well as monitor potential liability due to downstream development in flood-prone areas. In addition, because state law (OAC 785:25-9-1) requires owners to complete a dam inspection every five years, this program also provides an excellent opportunity for owners to learn more about inspection techniques and common maintenance issues.

The OWRB has received tremendous response on the low hazard dam inspection offer. In order to provide timely inspections for those who registered early, we have temporarily suspended registration for free inspections. Registration will re-open once those inspections are completed.

2013 Workshop Wrap-up

This year the OWRB Dam Safety Program hosted four “Informal Visual Inspection and Maintenance for Dam Owners” workshops in Lawton, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa. These workshops reached over 70 private dam owners, municipalities, and engineers, allowing insightful discussion and interaction between all levels of the dam safety community. Designed to teach day-to-day inspection methods and discuss common deficiencies in dams, the half day seminars detailed symptoms of typical problems at each part of an embankment, and also included instructional videos depicting model inspection behavior and real-world examples of proper inspection techniques. Professional engineers in attendance were encouraged to share their experience with dam owners regarding the benefits of routine maintenance and prompt repairs. The OWRB Dam Safety staff also offered slideshows of images from several local dams, some of which were in need of repair or maintenance, and others that boasted successful rehabilitation of the dam.

Dam Facts!

If you were unable to attend one of our summer workshops and would like a copy of the course materials, please call Kylee Wilson at (405)530-8800 or contact her by email.

Upcoming Workshops to Watch For:
2014 Drafting and Implementing an EAP
2014 Hydrology for Dam Safety

Previous Workshops:
2013 - Informal Visual Inspection & Maintenance for Dam Owners
2012 - EAP: Emergency Action Plans for Oklahoma Dams

The OWRB coordinates the Oklahoma Dam Safety Program to ensure the safety of more than 4,700 dams in the state. The Program requires inspections for all jurisdictional size dams based on the presence of downstream development.

In addition, owners of high hazard dams are required to have an emergency action plan (EAP) in place. Copies of the EAP must be submitted to local law enforcement agencies and emergency management officials. OWRB staff require submittal and subsequent approval of plans and specifications prior to all new dam construction and modifications to existing dams.


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Living with Dams Western Dam Engineering Quarterly

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