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Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan

OWRB Loan & Grant Programs

FAP Loans
REAP Grants
Emergency Grants
Drought Grants
TOTAL: 1,978 loans and grants approved for $3,084,901,924
Estimated Savings:

Financing Program Summary Data

Loan Interest Rates

fixed: 60% of AAA market rate plus 70 basis points
fixed: 70% of AAA market rate plus 70 basis points
Revenue Bond Loans
variable: 2.615%
fixed: AA+ market rate
(a 0.5% admin fee is added to all CWSRF and DWSRF loans)

Water and Wastewater Financing
Interactive Map of Water & Wastewater Financing Projects

Providing grants and low-interest loans for water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

Facilitating more than $3 billion in financial assistance to cities, towns, and rural water districts while saving communities and water systems more than $1 billion over conventional financing options.



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OWRB Financial Programs Receive Triple-A Rating

Moore's WWTP Successfully Doubles Capacity Without Going Offline Despite Tornado Woes
The City of Moore, Oklahoma, needed to double the capacity of its wastewater plant, meet its new ammonia limits, and deal with frequent odor issues. Landlocked between both residential and industrial properties, the facility was presented with the additional challenge of having to construct on top of itself. With assistance from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s CWSRF program, old portions of the plant were dismantled while new ones were erected, all while keeping the existing yard piping operational. With complete enclosures at the headworks, SBRs, and aerobic digesters, each equipped with their own scrubbers, the odor issues have been eliminated. The new UV light disinfection system and other facilities increased capacity to 9 MGD. Efficiencies are such that the disinfection counts of the discharge are in the single digits! With current technologies, as demands warrant, this existing site may one day increase capacities of up to 24 MGD. Unfortunately, progress was disrupted when the May 20, 2013, tornado struck the heart of Moore. Although the wastewater treatment plant was not damaged, more than 1,200 customers lost their homes or businesses. Since then, both the City and Moore Public Works Authority have done a remarkable job maneuvering both the technical and financial hurdles this storm presented. Despite the many challenges facing the City of Moore, the future of this vibrant community continues to be bright!

Passage of State Question 764 in November 2012 allows the OWRB’s Financial Assistance Program to meet much of the state’s projected $82 billion water and wastewater financing need. The new Water Infrastructure Credit Enhancement Reserve Fund, created through a constitutional amendment approved by voters, essentially establishes a $300 million pledge of credit that enables the OWRB to leverage funds in the bond market as water and sewer projects become ready for construction.

From the original $25 million seed money and additional funds, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board’s five loan and grant programs are now directly responsible for over $3 billion in water and wastewater project financing, including construction and improvement of water supplies, storage facilities, pump stations, pipelines, and treatment works, refinancing outstanding loans, and Oklahoma’s federal stimulus projects.

$3 Billion in Funding

Loan Reports

Grant Programs

Grant Reports

Federal Stimulus Funding

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