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The OWRB's Financial Assistance Program has provided more than $3 billion to Oklahoma communities and water systems for water and wastewater infrastructure projects, saving them more than $1 billion over conventional financing options.

As of January 5, 2015, the OWRB Financial Assistance Division has approved 2,026 loans and grants for a total of $3,195,182,736. These financing opportunities have saved Oklahoma communities an estimated $1,095,111,861.

Loan Interest Rates
fixed: 60% of AAA market rate plus 70 basis points
Rate Comparison Tool
fixed: 70% of AAA market rate plus 70 basis points
Financial Assistance Loans
variable: 2.615%; fixed: AAA market rate
Note: a 0.5% administrative fee is added to all CWSRF and DWSRF loans

Loan Reports

Financial Audits & Reports for the CWSRF Bond Issues & FAP Revenue Bond Loan Program

Annual Reports & Intended Use Plans

DWSRF Project Priority List (ODEQ)

Loans Approved and Funded


Grant Reports

Emergency Grants Priority List

REAP Grants Priority List

Emergency Grants Approved and Funded

REAP Grants Approved and Funded

Interactive Project Viewer


Official Statement OWRB State Loan Program Revenue Bonds, Series 2014A- bonds sold on Feb. 20, 2014

Official Statement OWRB State Revolving Fund, Series 2014A- bonds sold on Feb. 25, 2014

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