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Emergency Grants

Statutory Restrictions

  • $100,000 maximum per project per applicant during any fiscal year
  • Emergency situation--defined as a life, health, or property threatening situation
  • Applicant cannot reasonably finance the project without assistance from the OWRB

Eligible Applicants

  • Counties
  • Towns and municipalities
  • Public works authorities
  • School districts
  • Districts formed under Title 82 of the State's statutes as follows: 1) rural water districts, 2) water conservancy districts, 3) rural sewage districts, and 4) irrigation districts

Eligible Projects

  • Water supply reservoirs
  • Storage tanks
  • Water supply and distribution systems
  • Water treatment systems
  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Wastewater collection systems

Priority Point Procedure

The Grant Priority Evaluation Policy (maximum 120 points) is used to distribute grant funds. Applications that receive 60 or more points are placed on the grant priority list. Grants are then recommended for approval to the Board when all other funding sources are secured and adequate grant funds are available for obligation. Points are determined using the following criteria:

  • Nature of emergency (50 points maximum)
  • Water and sewer rates (13 points maximum)
  • Monthly debt payment (10 points maximum)
  • Local contribution (10 points maximum)
  • Median household income (10 points maximum)
  • Applicant's ability to finance the project (12 points maximum)
  • Amount of grant requested (varies from 5 points for amounts more than $94,999 to 10 points for $25,000 or less)
  • Benefit to other systems (5 points maximum)
  • Application number (up to 14 point deduction)

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