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Financial Assistance Division

In answer to the growing need for infrastructure improvements in Oklahoma, the Board's Financial Assistance Division administers a successful, long-standing loan and emergency grant program to fund the construction or rehabilitation of community water and wastewater projects. This program is backed by the Statewide Water Development Revolving Fund, capitalized by the State Legislature in 1979. The Revolving Fund is the key reason why the Board's loan programs can offer such extremely competitive interest rates and convenient payback terms.

The Division also directs two separate loan programs that provide federal Clean Water Act and Drinking Water Act funds for community wastewater and water treatment/distribution projects, respectively. A fifth funding strategy, the Rural Economic Action Plan (REAP) grant program, is specifically geared to the water/sewer project needs of Oklahoma's small towns.

Applicants eligible for water/wastewater project financial assistance vary according to the specific program's purpose and requirements, but include towns and other municipalities with proper legal authority, various districts established under Title 82 of Oklahoma Statutes (rural water, master/water conservancy, rural sewage and irrigation districts), counties, public works authorities and/or school districts. Special programs are available for small and/or impoverished communities. Applications for agency financial assistance programs are evaluated individually by agency staff. Those meeting specific program requirements are recommended by staff for approval at monthly meetings of the nine-member Water Board.

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