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Selected Governor's Water Conference Presentations


Water Management in Oklahoma Oil and Gas, Michael Dunkel

Long Live the Soil, Jimmy Emmons

Southwestern Power Resources Association, Nicki Fuller

Koch: Challenge Accepted, Mark Hoss

Oklahoma Agriculture Industry: Nonpoint Source Success Stories, Jim Reese

Port of Muskogee, Scott Robinson

Kansas Water Vision, Tracy Streeter

Water Use in Utility Power Generation, Usha-Maria Turner


Regional Planning, J.D. Strong

Water for 2060 Overview, J.D. Strong

Produced Water Work Group & Reuse/Recycling Study, Michael Dunkel

Showcase of Other Initiatives: Water for 2060 In Action Across Oklahoma, John Rehring

Our Future in a Water Stressed World, Robert Glennon

Oklahoma Drought: Past, Present and Future, Gary McManus

Monitoring the Planet's Climate, Deke Arndt

Challenges to Managing Flood Events and Drought Management in Oklahoma, Col. Chris Hussin

Bureau of Reclamation Activities and Opportunities, Collins Balcombe


Conservation Loves a Crisis: Lessons from North America's Driest City
Doug Bennett, Conservation Manager, Southern Nevada Water Authority

Water Loss Auditing: An Introduction
Brandon Bowman, Capacity Development Coordinator, Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality

Maximizing Southwest Oklahoma's Water Supply Reliability
Brian Bush, Altus Chamber of Commerce, Altus/SW area Economic Development Corp.

EWI Water Management Case Studies, Water Reuse & the Future
Michael Dunkel, Vice President, CH2M

Reclaimed Water Reuse at Fort Sill, OK
Ronnie Graves, General Manager, American Water

Advancing Conservation Goals: The San Antonio Water Story
Karen Guz, Director of Water Conservation, San Antonio Water System

Making Potable Reuse a Reality Through Research-based Public Outreach and Engagement Tools
Bob Johnson, President, WateReuse Association

Communicating Reuse
Ken Komiske, Director of Utilities, City of Norman

Gore/Sequoyah County RWD No. 5 Regionalization Project
Horace Lindley, Administrator, Town of Gore

Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Texas
Robert Mace, Deputy Executive Administrator, Texas Water Development Board

Wichita's Equus Beds ASR Experience
Brian Meier, Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Tulsa District
Col. Richard Pratt, District Commander

Drought-Proofing Oklahoma: Aqufier Storage Recovery (ASR)
David Pyne, ASR Systems LLC

Drought-Proofing Oklahoma
J.D. Strong, Executive Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Regionalization Success Stories
Jay Updike, President, Holloway, Updike and Bellen, Inc.

Oklahoma City's "Squeeze Every Drop" Conservation Campaign
Bret Weingart, Assistant Director, Oklahoma City Utilities

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Challenges
Dan Yates, Groundwater Protection Council



The State of the State's Waters
J.D. Strong, Executive Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Federal Updates
James Allard, Deputy Area Manager, USBR Oklahoma-Texas Area Office
Colonel Richard Pratt, Commander & District Engineer, USACE Tulsa District

High Frequency Water Quality Data: Is This Really Necessary
Dr. FranÁois Birgand, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University

Regional/Local Planning for Future Droughts

Kim Meek, City Manager, City of Guymon
Ken Komiske, Director of Utilities, City of Norman

Oklahoma Drought Update

The 2010-14 Drought: Past and Present
Gary McManus, Oklahoma State Climatologist

A Quick Glimpse Into the Future: Oklahoma Weather Patterns Through Next Summer
Kevin Kloesel, Oklahoma Climatological Survey

Meeting Water Reuse Challenges

Developing an Effective PR Campaign
Patricia Tennyson, Katz & Associates

Oklahomans Solving Global Water Crises

Water & Sanitation - The Global Challenge / the OU (OK) Response
David Sabatini, Director, OU Water Technologies for Emerging Regions (WaTER) Center

Ken Surritte, President
Visit the WATERisLIFE website for videos and other media.

Richard Greenly, Board Chair
Visit the Water4 website for videos and other media.



Developing Sustainable Water Systems
Sharlene Leurig, Ceres

Luncheon Address
Michael Teague, Oklahoma Secretary of Energy & Environment
Col. Richard A. Pratt, Tulsa District Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Water For 2060: Preparing For The Next Drought

Drought Impacts and Outlook
Veva Deheza, National Integrated Drought Information System

Drought Mitigation Tools
Collins Balcombe, Bureau of Reclamation

Minimizing Drought Impacts through the Water Plan
J.D. Strong, OWRB Executive Director

Oklahoma Water Magazine

Navigation in Oklahoma
Bob Portiss, Tulsa Port of Catoosa

Water for Recreation & Tourism
Gene Gilliland, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

OCWP Instream Flow Workgroup
John Rehring, Carollo Engineers, Inc.

Groundwater Monitoring Assessment Program
Derek Smithee, OWRB

Water For 2060: Breakthroughs In Water Sustainability

Partnerships in Conservation
Jon Radtke, Coca-Cola North America

Conservation as a Water Supply Solution
Greg Fisher, Denver Water

Oil & Gas Production Water Recycling
John Tintera, Sebree & Tintera



Partnerships in Sustainability
Curt Brown, Bureau of Reclamation
Brian Richter, The Nature Conservancy

State & Federal Partnerships for a Shared Water Future
Bill Werkheiser, Associate Director for Water, US Geological Survey

Innovations In Water Conservation, Efficiency, & Reuse

The San Antonio Example
Karen Guz, Director of Conservation, San Antonio Water System

Water Supply and Uses: The Reality in 2012
Karl Stickley, P.E., Guernsey Engineering
Kevin Alexander, P.E., Separation Processes, Inc.

Conserving Water at a Dairy Farm
Anita Van der Laan, Frederick, OK

Water as a Crop
Ken Klaveness, Executive Director, Trinity Waters

Energy Water Conservation & Recycling
Richard Luedecke, Devon Energy

Conserving Water through No-Till Farming
Jay Franklin, Vinita, OK

Implementing OCWP Priorities: Monitoring & Infrastructure Water Monitoring & Analysis
Derek Smithee & Julie Cunningham, OWRB

Water/Wastewater Financing Solutions
Joe Freeman, OWRB
Ann Burger Entrekin, FirstSouthwest
Chris Cochran, BOSC, Inc.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Sessions, OBA Environmental Law Section

Current Issues from the Perspective: Oklahoma Municipalities
Ken Williams

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, Permitting Requirements and Authority
Shane Charleston and Jeri Fleming

In-Stream Flows and Non-Consumptive Uses of Water in Oklahoma
Dean Couch



Federal Update
Colonel Michael Teague, COE

Ancient Water Systems in Israel
Dr. Dan Warner

4-H Speech Contest Winner
Jenna Murray

OCWP Panels

The Value of Water: Energy Production
Patricia Horn, OG&E

The Value of Water: Navigation
Bob Portiss, Port of Catoosa

The Value of Water: Fish & Wildlife
Richard Hatcher, ODWC

Demand, Hot Spots & Water Supply Options
Jessica Fritsche & Dan Reisinger, CDM

Water Supply Regionalization
Karl Stickley, C H Guernsey

Maximizing Existing Storage (Oklahoma's Watershed Program)
Robert Toole, OCC

OCWP Water Conservation Assessment
Jessica Fritsche, CDM

Energy Water Conservation
Richard Luedecke, Devon

Marginal Quality Water Use (New Opportunities in Water)
Mike Irlbeck, Abengoa Water

Municipal Water Reuse
Phil Spitzer, Alan Plummer Associates

Kansas Basin Advisory Committees
Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office

Colorado Basin Roundtables & Georgia Regional Water Planning Councils
Rick Brown, CDM

Instream/Environmental Flows
Derek Smithee, OWRB
Mark Wentzel, Texas Water Development Board
Rick Eades, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Tracy Streeter, Kansas Water Office

Water Project & Infrastructure Funding
Joe Freeman, OWRB

Hydrologic Studies & Tools Sessions

ABRFC, CoCoRAHS, and You
James Paul, Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center

Groundwater Levels in Oklahoma
Chris Neel, OWRB

Hydrologic Investigations
Chris Neel, OWRB

Stream Water Allocation Modeling
Bob Fabian & Maria Moreno, OWRB

OBA Continuing Education

Update on Interstate Water Rights (Compacts)
Dean Couch, OWRB

The Evolution of the Law of Interstate Water Disputes
Miles Tolbert, Crowe & Dunlevy



On the Grid [text]
Scott Huler, Keynote

State of the State's Water
J.D. Strong, OSE/OWRB

Water Outlook from Washington D.C.
Laura Furgione, National Weather Service

Federal Update
Colonel Michael Teague, COE

OCWP Technical Studies: 2010 Progress and a Look Ahead to 2011
John Rehring, CDM

Water Supply Reservoir Viability and Water Conveyance Opportunities in Oklahoma
Karl Stickley, Guernsey

Public Input Update
Jeri Fleming, OWRRI

4-H Speech Contest Winners
Chelsea Blevins
Jenna Murray
Emily Morrow

OCWP Panels

Common Challenges, Common Goals
Marsha Slaughter, Okla. City Water Utilities Trust

OCWP & Water's Role in Agriculture
Dr. Larry Sanders, OSU

Mike Armitage, A Bar Ranch/Livestock

Tribal-State Water Conflicts in Oklahoma
Stephen Greetham, Chickasaw Nation

Federal Indian Water
Chris Kenney, Bureau of Reclamation (Ret)

The Need for Environmental Flows
Mike Fuhr, Nature Conservancy

Instream Flows: Lessons from Past Studies and Neighboring States
Barney Austin, INTERA

Valuing In-stream Flows: Non-market Valuation and Evidence in Oklahoma
Tracy Boyer, OSU

Sustaining Oklahoma Fishes Under Increasing Water Demands
Shannon Brewer, F&W Research Unit

There Has To Be Some Logic In All Of This!
Bud Ground, PSO

The Cana Woodford Shale: Devonís Water Management Strategy
Richard Luedecke, Devon

Energy and Water
Trish Horn, OGE

Dam Safety Session

Dam Safety Legal Issues
Bob Kellogg, Moricoli and Schovanec

What You Donít Know Can Hurt You
OWRB Staff

Water Rights Session

Water Rights

How to Complete an OWRB Water Use Application
OWRB Staff

Funding Agency Coordinating Team Session

Market Update
Joe Freeman, Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Economic and Market Update
Chris Cochran, BOSC, Inc.

Municipal Market Presentation
Tom Liu, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Rural Development Programs
Christy Harper, USDA Rural Development

Community Development Bock Grant Water and Wastewater Projects
Scott Myers, Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction
Johnny Taylor, Indian Health Service

Council of Governments
Ernie Moore, Eastern Oklahoma Development District Acting Director
Trish Weedn, Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils Executive Director

Rural Community Assistance Program
Phil Ross, Community Resource Group, Inc.

OBA Continuing Education

Legal Ethics Problems for Water Law Practitioners
Lawrence Hellman, OCU School of Law

Why We Shouldn’t Fracture the Process: Oil and Gas Regulations in Place to Protect Our Water

Indian Reserved Water Rights in Oklahoma
Taiawagi Helton, OU College of Law


Unquenchable: Americaís Water Crisis
Robert Glennon, Law Professor, Author

Oklahoma's Water Resources: Past, Present, & Future
Duane Smith, OWRB Executive Director

National Water Policy
Steve Stockton, Director of Civil Works, USACE

Regional Water Issues
Col. Anthony Funkhouser, Tulsa District and Southwestern Division Commander, USACE

Interstate Stream Compacts
Chuck Dumars, Attorney

Planning for Oklahoma's Water Quality
Derek Smithee, Chief, OWRB Water Quality Division

Garber-Wellington Aquifer Study
Scott Christenson, USGS

Community Impact Measure Project
Duane Smith

OCWP Overview & Update
Kyle Arthur, OWRB Director of Planning

OCWP Technical Studies Update
John Rehring, Engineer, CDM

OCWP Public Participation Process Update
Will Focht, OWRRI Director

Grand River Dam Authority Water Responsibilities, Goals and Partnerships
Grant Burget , Director of Business Development/Special Projects, Grand River Dam Authority

Water Planning at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey
Renee McPherson, Acting Director, OK Climatological Survey


Comprehensive Water Planning in Oklahoma
Duane Smith, OWRB Executive Director

The Corps of Engineersí Water Planning Role
Steve Stockton, Director of Civil Works, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The Corpsí Tulsa District: Working with Oklahoma
Col. Anthony Funkhouser, Tulsa District Engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

OCWP Public Participation
Will Focht, Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute

Panel: OCWP Technical Studies Overview

John Rehring, Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.
Statewide Water Supply/Demand Analysis
Kelly DiNatale, Senior Water Resources Engineer, CDM
Public Water Provider/Infrastructure Survey
Bryan Mitchell, Deputy Project Manager for the OCWP, CDM

Water Supply Management in a Variable Climate
Ken Crawford, Director, Oklahoma Climatological Survey

The Energy/Water Nexus
Tom Price, Jr., Senior Vice President-Corporate Development, Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Nexus Between Water Supply Planning & Environmental Flows: The Texas Experience
Bill Mullican, Deputy Exec Admin, Water Science & Conservation, Texas Water Dev Board

Panel: Protecting Oklahoma's Water Interests

Bob Portiss, Director, Tulsa Port of Catoosa
The Central Oklahoma Project
Steve Lewis, Manager, City of Norman
Long-Term Water Supply Options
Wayne Kellogg, Engineer, Chickasaw Enterprises


Conservation as a Planning Tool
Gary Mast, Deputy Undersecretary for Natural Resources & the Environment, USDA

Overview of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan
Duane Smith, OWRB Executive Director

OCWP Public Participation
Dr. Will Focht, Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Research Institute

Private Sector Partnering
John Rehring, Vice President, Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc.

Kansas Water Plan
Tracy Streeter, Director, Kansas Water Office

Oklahoma Water: Envisioning the Next 50 Years
Howard (Bud) Ground, Manager, State Governmental & Environmental Affairs, Public Service Company of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's Water Use Management Pyramid
Duane Smith, OWRB Executive Director

Dealing with Climate Change in Oklahoma
Ken Crawford, State Climatologist, Oklahoma Climatological Survey

The National Water Program Strategy
James R. Brown, Chief, Planning and Analysis Branch, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6


The Oklahoma Drought of 2005-2006: A Status Report
Ken Crawford, Oklahoma Climatological Survey

Stakeholder Involvement in State Water Plan Development
Will Focht, Director, OWRRI

Future Water Policy Considerations
Rudy Herrmann, Chairman, OWRB

Reclamation and Regional Water Planning
Mike Irlbeck, USBR

Water Needs and Strategies for a Sustainable Future
Shaun McGrath, Western Governors' Association

Regional Water Planning, The Texas Model
Bill Mullican, Texas Water Development Board

Support for State Water Planning
Ed Rossman, USACE Tulsa District

A New Water Plan for Oklahoma: Water Infrastructure Inventory
Trish Weedn, Executive Director, Oklahoma Association of Regional Councils


Water Quality Protection Division
Susan Branning, Assistance Programs Branch Chief, USEPA Region 6

USDA-NRCS Conservation Programs in Oklahoma
Larry Caldwell, Watershed Specialist, NRCS

Developments in USGS Ground-Water Research: Ground-Water Age Dating
Scott Christenson, USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center

Oklahoma Groundwater Law - More Than Acres - Times-Two?
Dean Couch, General Counsel, OWRB

Colorado River Commission of Nevada
James H. Davenport, Water Division, Colorado River Commission of Nevada

Arsenic in Groundwater: The Municipal Approach
Brad Gambill, City Manager, Norman

Water Follies
Robert Glennon, Morris K. Udall Professor of Law & Public Policy, University of Arizona

Pitfalls in Ground Water Planning
Dr. Todd Halihan, OSU School of Geology

Tulsa District Corps of Engineers Activities
Colonel Miroslav Kurka, USACE Tulsa District

Arbuckle-Simpson Hydrology Study
Noel Osborn, Geologist, OWRB

US Bureau of Reclamation Activities
Mike Ryan, Great Plains Regional Director

Groundwater Quality Standards and Implementation
Derek Smithee, Water Quality Division Chief, OWRB

Oklahoma's Dependence on Groundwater
Kim Winton, Director, USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center

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